Date: December 10th 2017
For no reason in particular I’ve decided to give blender another try. After completing my first project in blender (model rigging project) I can definitely say that SFM is much more intuitively designed. The controls in blender were very strange from what I was used to and certain aspects of the program was very annoying (zoom in/out based on focal point), not to mention I couldn’t even figure out how to rotate objects for the longest time. I’m not sure if I’ll undertake another project in blender although if I do at least I’d actually know how to use blender a bit this time around.

Project Directory

Rigging Saber Lily – December 10 2017

Completed posing and background environment for model. This project was initially going to be used as a banner for the website but it didn’t turn out as good as I hoped it would so I plan on doing something else for the banner.

Original un-rigged model which did not come in T pose
Completed rig (non-final), as this was my first time rigging I opted not to do the more complex parts like the skirts and hair and just focus on the body & limbs
Alt Pose 1 for Rig Testing /w Cycles Background
Alt Pose 2 for Rig Testing /w Cycles Background

Project files