Source Film Maker

Source Film Maker


After playing around with several programs I settled on using Source Film Maker (SFM) to try my hand on posing and animating models in a 3D environment. SFM was picked due to the ease of access and is very beginner friendly which is important to me as I have absolutely no prior experience nor knowledge of 3D environments, let alone posing and animating. My first project using SFM was in 2015 and for the Mistral Pose.

SFM Directory (Newest Desc)

3D Model Posing

Website Banners – Aug 29 2015

After going through and trying many different things I’ve finally decided on a banner (see front page/last), here are the other banners I’ve made that didn’t make it.

Final (First type ver.3)
Second Type (model: Dead or Alive Honoka)
First Type ver.2
First Type ver.1 (model: Penetrator from Demon Souls)

SFM File – First Type (Demon Souls Penetrator)
SFM File – Second Type ( Honoka Dead or Alive)

Mistral Dual Gun Pose – July 2 2015

After having numerous problems and struggles with UE4 I’ve decided to try out Source Filmmaker (SFM) instead, after about 1-2 hours of tinkering, I managed to pose a character to a satisfying degree.

Final ver.
Full View
Behind View

SFM File


Banner Video Animation Motoko Idle Loop – Sept 25 2019

With the new website re-design having a video playing in the header, I am in need of a new banner video. The idea was to make a simple banner in a darkly lit street and have someone to the side of the screen watching over with some simple idle animations and to make everything loop together nicely.

Final Version – removed lightning strikes and kept character on screen and added new animations

Ver 1.0 – The original had to be changed out as the lightning flashes were too distracting

Nova Animation – July 4 2015

This is my third and possibly last animation for the moment. It features Nova, a sniper from Starcraft 2 against some combines from HL2. This time, I did not use as much pose-to-pose but focused more on some of the model sequences and then fused/blended them to look good for the transitions.

SFM File